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  • 9 Hour RESET with Marilee Driscoll
    Each week we’ll explore a topic together as a starting place for a conversation presented to help you get where you want to go...whether it’s life, love, a job or a business.

    Whether you are a busy professional, newly single, an aspiring business owner, a parent grappling with family issues, and empty nester or a caregiver, 9-Hour ... See More
  • Abriendo Las Puertas Del Cielo”
    Sandra Saradesi y Lupe Luzuriaga sus anfitrionas, les inivitan a caminar esta jornada mágica en la que Almine nos lleva de la mano regalándonos abundantemente de nuevas percepciones, revelándonos los últimos misterios en el cosmos, asi como los secretos mas profundos tanto del mundo terrenal como del espiritual. Cambios, cambios, ... See More
  • “A Call to Wisdom” with Michelle Vezeau
    Michelle takes the stance that the human race, ‘we’, are all growing in consciousness together. She draws on her own life experiences and encourages listeners to do the same. Listen to her and even join her, as she opens the lines for questions about a particular concern in life, a confirmation you’d like to check out or about the topic ... See More
  • “Adventures In Density and Effort” with Rev. Joan M. Newcomb, CPC 
    “Adventures in Density and Effort” is a lighthearted look at life on Playground Earth.  We are Spirit manifesting through bodies in physical reality.  As Spirit we are joyous, expansive, infinite and all-knowing.  What would be fun for a Being that has everything?  A reality of limitations, dichotomies and opposites! (To paraphrase the ... See More
  • Aging GreatFULLy with Holley Kelley
    Aging GreatFULLy will inspire unbridled life enthusiasm while broadening your thoughts about growing older. Kelley incites a Life unstoppable! outlook and encourages people to live life through their Bucket List! Commonly known for saying, “It’s all about perspective, Kelley will have you rethinking your anterior perspectives on ... See More
  • A Homemakers Journey Talk Radio Show with Michele Greer
    Michele Greer has a “No Holds Barred” approach to life’s little mysteries. She approaches those “Things No One Ever Wants to Talk About” with humor, grace and just a touch of naiveté. No question is out of bounds for Michele; if you’re wondering she’s probably wondering too. Listening to “A Homemakers Journey” will make you cry a little, ... See More
  • "Align with the Divine" with Rev. Dorothy Ann Cole & Joy-Marie Peterson
    Healing, educating, and empowering you with practical tools to improve the quality of your life and your family’s, you will learn how to make better decisions in health matters. Bridging Science and Spirituality, Shaman Dorothy Ann Cole along with co-host Joy-Marie Peterson, Licensed Esthetician (Skin Care) will stun you with the ... See More
  • Anchored In Astrology with Debra Clement
    Welcome to Anchored In Astrology(SM) with Debra Clement. Whether it has to do with your relationships, finances or overall concerns for the future, you can benefit from the insights that astrology offers. Debra’s goal is to help people make the most of their planets and cycles, especially those that challenge them.  By enabling listeners ... See More
  • A New Enlightenment with Paula Muran
    Join host Paula Muran’s A New Enlightenment Hour for stimulating and candid conversations on how to be a happy, healthy and self-empowered. Transform your core beliefs, free your mind and happiness and enlightenment are available. Beliefs along with emotional and mental patterning stop you from living the life you want. Paula reveals ... See More
  • A New Way to Handle Absolutely Everything
    Contact Talk Radio is pleased to present "A New Way to Handle Absolutely Everything" an hour with Elese Coit bringing you the keys to being a high functioning, resilient, balanced and thriving human no matter what life throws your way. Elese explores how, in every aspect of life, we can access and unleash the fullest human ... See More
  • ASCENSION 360° - Navigating the New World Energies with Hillary Harris
    The world has shifted! We have now rapidly moved into a new dimension and frequency of energies governed by very different rules. So… are you ready to dwell in this new way of living and being, in a higher state of consciousness where we must now see with new eyes and where Heart Wisdom reigns?
  • Ask Adena With Host Adena
    Ask Adena With Host Adena
    Category: Religion
    71 Episodes
    Adena is a psychic medium and certified angel practitioner®. . Join her for an hour as she discusses Angel communication, how to connect with your angels and spirit guides; Medium-ship, and what happens when we cross over , and how to connect with your loved ones. Adena is a certified Tarot reader and a member of the American Tarot ... See More
  • Ask Sara with Sara Wiseman
    Ask Sara with Sara Wiseman
    Category: Spirituality
    263 Episodes
    Ask Sara is a warm, funny and often irreverent look at how anyone can have a direct connection to the Divine—no middleman, priest, guru or medium required! During the show, Sara will take intuitive readings from live callers.

    What'll we talk about? Intuition, spirituality, paranormal stuff, aliens, relationships, sex, money, ... See More
  • Astrologically Speaking with Sheri
    Interested in astrology and how it really works? Want to know the truth about astrology & your soul’s karmic evolution?
    Karmic Evolution seeks to inform us all—through astrological insight—how we may better our relationships, ascertain our true values, & find the courage to be who we truly came here to be...after all, isn’t that ... See More
  • Awakening from the Dream  with Almine
    A radio show full of cutting edge mysticism, deep spirituality and insights on living a life in mastery. Not just an option for monks in seclusion, but a possibility and birthright for all human beings. Almine invites you to a path of miracles and adventure to discover your true Self. Join Almine and her radio team every weekend at 11am ... See More
  • “Awakening to Angels & Spirit ” with Sherri Lane
    Sherri seeks to bring out the best in others by recognizing the good in them and in the world. Through her own powerful spiritual experiences, she has felt led to share healing and glimpses of enlightenment to others, helping them walk in faith to a brighter place. Her first book, Setting God Free: Awakening to Miracles shares some of ... See More
  • Awakening with Marla Maples
    Awakening with Marla Maples
    Category: Health
    69 Episodes
    Actress, television host, spiritual motivator, producer and most importantly, mom, are a few of the titles you could place on Marla Maples.
    Marla’s heart is set on one day seeing unity in the world and she works diligently to spread this message of hope to all. Her greatest joy is helping lift others to reach their highest spiritual ... See More
  • A Woman’s Path to Consciousness with Donna Markussen
    Do you want to be in the driver’s seat of your life?

    Self-empowerment, self-awareness, and self-love, are all a conscious choice. Everything in your life right now is the RESULT of the choices and decisions you have made along the way .What if you could chose to live life according to your highest self, instead of by default? On A ... See More
  • Begin Again with Cameron and Lucia
    Begin Again is a radio show with a silver lining and giving up in life is NOT an option! So when life's roadblocks, detours and brick walls have landed squarely in your path and you think that giving up is your only option... think again! Cameron and Lucia, owners of the CTR Network are here to remind you that every situation has ... See More
  • Big Country Publishing Radio with Christina Winslow
    Big Country Publishing Radio is an international show focused on inspiration, empowerment, and promoting consciousness. We feature authors, speakers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and inspirational guests from around the world. We invite you to join us and call in as we talk about topics that will contribute to your life and to the world! ... See More
  • Big Love with Arielle Ford
    Arielle Ford has spent the past 25 years living and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. She is the author of the international bestseller, THE SOULMATE SECRET: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction. Arielle has been called “The Cupid of Consciousness” and “The Fairy Godmother of Love” and today she ... See More
  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling, Going Beyond Expectations with Dorothy Montgomery
    Helping ambitious women find their intrinsic value by providing tips, tools and sharing experiences that will help them redesign their mindset which in turn will change their lives.
  • CC Lawhon, M.Ed. & Guru-You!
    CC Lawhon, M.Ed. & Guru-You!
    Category: Religion
    2 Episodes
    Guru-YOU! Is an individualized program for teens and parents that implements Full Spectrum Learning resulting in independent growth ability, better grades or scores, positive attitude, fulfilling career choices, dis-abilities turning to A-bilities and much, much more.
  • CEO Live! with Debbie Seid
    CEO Live! with Debbie Seid
    Category: Business
    6 Episodes
    CEO Live with Debbie Seid, was born out my passion for passing on the collective wisdom of those who have built successful businesses to those who are still in process. I will be bringing to the table very talented, very successful and sometimes very controversial leaders in all fields. I want my listeners to hear from a variety of ... See More
  • Choosing Awesome with Louise Vansleve
    Choosing Awesome Radio with Louise Vansleve is full of open and honest discussions about how you can take your life from where it is now, to where you want it to be.

    This show is for anyone who is dreaming big, wants to take a chance, or who has made the first steps towards taking control of their future. You don’t have to brave it ... See More
  • Common Sense Psychic with Phyllis King
    Get ready for the Common Sense Psychic, with Phyllis King. Phyllis takes questions and offers unique and down to earth spiritual dialogue with callers and guests.

    Phyllis combines Heightened Spiritual Awareness with Proven Life Management Skills to offer Full Spectrum Career and Life Transformation Possibilities.
  • Conscious Conversations w/ Joan & Janet
    Joan Newcomb and Janet Barrett are subtle energy empaths who navigate Life as Consciousness. Their passion is to support you in your evolution. Joan and Janet share their experiences and tools to inspire deeper awareness about this Unified Field. In Consciousness, we are all One, one mind, one heart, free of all limitations, individuals ... See More
  • ConsciousSHIFT with Julie Ann Turner
    We are crossing the threshold of a fundamental shift in our WorldView,
    which carries the potential to positively transform our lives
    beyond any shift we as humans have ever before experienced.

    Much more than a fad or a trend, this creative shift of thought -
    into our power as creators of our lives, work and world -
    is massive in ... See More
  • Contact Talk Radio Network
    Contact Talk Radio Network
    Category: Talk
    1 Episode
    CONTACT Talk Radio Network is a media platform that presents cutting edge information geared toward spirituality, health, environmental issues and activism; connecting listeners with tools that will assist them in making educated and empowered decisions for their lives and our world.
  • Contractors ....Whatever.....
    Contractors ....Whatever.....
    Category: Business
    13 Episodes
    The Home Improvement Hour is a Live Call-In Radio show for the Beginner, intermediate and Advanced Do It Your self person. Every show our Host Tim Bishop will do his best to bring in experts from the construction trades. Covering a wide range of trade professionals from Painters and Flooring Installers to Electrician's and ... See More
  • Conversations With Dipal Shah
    Conversations With Dipal Shah
    Category: Health
    17 Episodes
    As an International Speaker, Medical Intuit, Transformational Teacher and Master Healer, Dipal Shah has the ability to assist her clients in shifting their consciousness and perception in the areas of their life that are needed from relationships, health, abundance and much more.  All her clients have their unique situation and her job ... See More
  • Create Dynamic Results Now! with Jude Starks
    Jude Starks is a Pharmacist, a Certified Health Coach, a Results Coach (both life and business) and a Board Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP, TE(R). She is a certified trainer of NLP and an experienced speaker and group facilitator. Jude teaches people how to use the strategies and communication techniques ... See More
  • Cut the Crap and Start Living the Magic with Joanne Antoun
    Joanne Antoun, Your transformational expert and creator of CTC – The life transforming Combined Therapy Cocktail (aka – Cut the Crap)
    Are you ready to Cut the Crap and live the life you truly desire?
    Are you ready to be free of the past and all that holds you back from being the very best you can be?
    Are you truly ready to step into your ... See More
  • DearJames™
    Category: Religion
    54 Episodes
    Intuitive / Clairvoyant in nature, DearJames will cover all the topics. From serious to silly, monumental to mundane, DearJames will provide you with Intuitive Insight, Answers & Advice…To Your Life Questions.
  • Defy Impossible Radio with Dr. Venus
    Inspirational Speaker, Business Mentor for Black Women, and Marketing Strategist, Dr. Venus Opal Reese has consulted O Magazine and has been featured on ABC News, CBS News, PBS, in Glamour magazine, Diversity Inc., the Associated Press, and the Tom Joyner Morning Show, which reaches 8 million listeners daily

    Once upon a time, Venus Opal ... See More
  • De-Stress Your Life with EFT with Dawn Murray
    Because we all have stress in our lives be it physical like headaches, body aches and pains, allergies, heart dis-ease etc. or emotional like anger, insomnia, fertility issues, addictions, abuse, fears, financial, depression etc. and we know Dr’s say stress is very bad for our health what if there was a gentle, easy way to DE-STRESS your ... See More
  • Dick Sutphen's Metaphysical World
    Welcome to Psychic Exploration, Spiritual Healing, Hypnotherapy and Human Potential. Dick Sutphen is President of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and the author of the million-copy reincarnation bestseller, You Were Born Again To Be Together (Simon and Schuster Pocket Books). His latest book is Soul Agreements (Hampton Roads ... See More
  • Divine Diva's Radio  with Patricia Iris Kerins&  Cheryl Angela
    DDR is dedicated to helping YOU find YOUR authentic voice and bring it forward with its celestial message. YOUR voice is a powerful healing tool of Divine Love connected to Christed Consciousness and in dialogue with the DIVINE. Listen to our inspirational, uplifting and enlightening discussions and interviews with leaders in the field ... See More
  • Earth Magic Radio with Dr. Steven Farmer
    Dr. Steven Farmer is the author of several best-selling products including Earth Magic, Animal Spirit Guides, Power Animal Oracle Cards, Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards, Power Animals, Sacred Ceremony, and Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides guided meditation CD. Dr. Farmer is a Soul Healer, shamanic ... See More
  • Eliminate Stress with Jeanne Catherine
    Eliminate Stress is a podcast designed to help City Service Providers discover how mental health works and, understand how stress reactions function, whether you have experienced multiple critical incidents or have not yet encountered one.

    Once knowledge of mental health function is experienced, you and your team, will not need another ... See More
  • Embrace Change Radio  with Kate Olson
    Your Host Kate Olson is passionate about encouraging people to embrace change and all the possibilities and opportunities that it brings. She describes herself as A fierce & fearless, wonder woman on a mission to empower and inspire the simple grace of embracing change!” She believes in the forward flow of life and that when you ... See More
  • Empower Your Life With Psychic Medium Anthony Morgann®
    Anthony's goal is to use his "gifts" to help you to empower your life by providing a wide range of spiritual insight and spiritual counseling. With the guidance of his master guides he shares Metaphysical tools to help you cleanse and rectify your Karma by un-programming all negative mental & spiritual patterns from ... See More
  • Enwaken Radio with David Morelli
    Enwaken Radio with David Morelli
    Category: Culture
    226 Episodes
    Enwaken Radio is your source for waking-up and thriving in life. You’ll get insights and ah-ha’s galore as our experts coach you to harness the power of the energy inside you. Prepare yourself to catapult your results in fulfillment & fun, work & wealth, happiness & health, and love & life. It’s authentic wisdom without ... See More
  • Evolutionary Collective Conversations with Patricia Albere
    Evolutionary Collective Conversations is reaching an ever-growing audience of all ages, ready for what is emerging in collective consciousness, a new evolutionary wave helping us to discover & experience unity, creativity, and infinite possibilities for living from connectivity and oneness.
    Our format is unique - we combine what is ... See More
  • “Evolution in Consciousness” with Larry Pearlman
    The show presents a new vision of what is transpiring for humanity. It explores how an individual can be on the leading edge of the evolution in consciousness, not overwhelmed by it. "Evolution in Consciousness" with Larry Pearlman on "What We Need to Know" is sponsored by Sunrise Ranch, a conference and retreat ... See More
  • Executive Zen with Steve Taubman
    Dr. Steve Taubman, author of BUDDHA IN THE TRENCHES, shares philosophy, science, and humor, interviews business experts and thought leaders, and challenges your understanding of the human mind, providing the latest revelations and the most enduring wisdom on happiness, productivity, and success.

    Personal development, leadership, and ... See More
  • Exploring A New Way of Thinking with Dr.D
    Have you ever wondered why two people with the same symptoms respond differently to the same medication? Do you wonder why you sometimes feel better but you don’t really feel well? The answers to these and many other similar questions are available if you know where to look and the right questions to ask.
  • Exploring Racism with Dante King
    Exploring Racism with Dante King
    Category: Talk
    8 Episodes
    Exploring Racism: Creating Whiteness from the Roots of Anti-Blackness will explore the motivations that underscored the creation of race; particularly Whiteness, Anti-blackness and the moves that were made to develop the culture we see before our eyes today. The show will explore sets of facts and information that demonstrate how white ... See More
  • “Finding You In The Goo” With Ken Bechtel
    Join Ken and his expert guests for life changing guidance about how to get from the life you are leading to the life you desire. And have fun getting there.
  • Flipping the Switch with Suze Casey
    Tired of beating yourself up for not living what you know to be true? Ready to light your passions and let them fuel your dreams and desires? What if you could reset old thought patterns “flipping the switch” without thinking about it? What if there was an autopilot option for positive thinking?

    There is, and you can access it through ... See More
  • Gateways 2 Peace  Intuitive messages with Polly Wirum
    We are all connected. We all have the same light shining bright within us all. As you recognize this light, you begin to obtain peace on a very personal and intimate level. Once this begins to happen it affects everything in your life, family, finances, relationships, home, school and far beyond. I would love to help you recognize the ... See More
  • Get Raw with Christine Ringer
    Get Raw with Christine Ringer
    Category: Fitness
    30 Episodes
    Get ready to excite, delight and nourish your body and soul with simple changes…that will change everything! There is something here for everyone…regardless of where you are today…we can do this together!
  • Get Waisted with Rene' Steelman
    Get Waisted with Rene' Steelman
    Category: Health
    10 Episodes
    As the area director for GET WAISTED NORTHWEST, she leads weekly support groups and has adopted a plant-based eating life style. Through this, she has found the cure for her high cholesterol, wacky mood swings, and is helping others to lose weight and get healthy. She will be speaking with and interviewing the greatest experts in the ... See More
  • Global Feminine Rising with Linda Rivero
    In weekly conversations with international visionaries, change-agents, inspirational souls, and globally attuned truth-tellers, Linda Rivero, host of Global Feminine Rising, will explore the beauty and the beastly, the challenges and realities, the hopes and heartbreaks, and the ultimately unbridled power of coming together for the ... See More
  • Good Vibrations™ with Jack Alexander
    The Good Vibrations™️ PodCast is a weekly metaphysical journey where we will be exploring personal vibrations and identifying current planetary influences and energies as related to the Atlantan Oracle. The last part of the show includes a group meditation with seven crystal singing bowls, clearing negative energies from listeners ... See More
  • "Heart Psychics"
    "Heart Psychics"
    Category: Religion
    6 Episodes
    "Heart Psychics" with host Teresa Bloom is a new show dealing with matters of the heart and the magical discovery of getting to the "heart" of the situation. Teresa and special guests will cover a wide array of topics from thought and energy patterns, intuition, and the ability to manifest positive changes in your ... See More
  • “Holistic Healing for Optimal Living”
with Elizabeth Sampson
    Join HOST ELIZABETH SAMPSON as she focuses on shifting your negative thoughts and behaviors into empowering thoughts and beliefs that hold the power to transform the quality of your life and optimize your health. Elizabeth, a Registered Nurse and Medical Intuitive will support you in optimizing your health and healing from the inside-out!
  • HR & Career with AldeenST
    HR & Career with AldeenST
    Category: Business
    15 Episodes
    Navigating the human resources and career landscape can be rewarding, exciting, challenging and frustrating. Both fields have great depth and complexities that make it difficult for any professional. HR and Career will explore the intricacies and complexities of human resources and career evolution. Whether it’s crafting a successful ... See More
  • Inner Conflict to Outer Resolution with Anthony Diaz
    Learn how to resolve legal disputes or personal challenges through different collaborative concepts. We will work with spiritual principles through affirmations, meditations, music. Guests will discuss relevant issues regarding self empowerment and inspiration to guide others.
    As a lawyer, coach and facilitator, I work with clients every ... See More
  • Insightful Astrology with Maria DeSimone
    Imagine what life would be like if you had access to an enlightening tool that offered meaningful personal insight and guidance? The knowledge you would gain about your journey - and the clarity you’d find to make empowering life choices – well it would be nothing less than remarkable!
    Guess what? There IS a powerful tool that offers ... See More
  • Keep It Moving with Ivan Hunt
    Keep It Moving with Ivan Hunt
    Category: Business
    21 Episodes
    Keep It Moving is all about getting revved up and putting your life in drive. The show discusses how to go from park to drive and then creating your own fast lane. My guests and I will share our stories to energize you to get your wheels rolling.

    Your host, Ivan Hunt, is a country boy at heart that loves the city life. He dumped his ... See More
  • Let's Talk E.I.
    Let's Talk E.I.
    Category: Religion
    64 Episodes
    Let’s Talk EI is a one hour show, hosted weekly by “Dr. Hank” of the Society of Emotional Intelligence. It is designed to bring Emotional Intelligence (EI) from the “page to the stage”. While the term has been around for a number of years, it’s still considered to be an emerging concept and hot topic of discussion. The concept of ... See More
  • Life by Divine with Sue Dumais
    Humanity is at a pivotal choice point and we are deeply feeling this global shift – a non-egotiable, and necessary, call to change what is no longer working, so we may evolve as a species.

    The world doesn’t need us to fit in, it needs each one of us to
    Stand UP, Stand OUT, and Stand STRONG.

    Hope for humanity lies in our ... See More
  • Life Enhancement Medicine
    Life Enhancement Medicine
    Category: Health
    4 Episodes
    With the health of the individual in mind, Life Enhancement Medicine opens up the ideas that you can optimize your health using safe and effective treatments that enhance your body’s own recuperative processes. Life Enhancement Medicine (LEM) hour will explore the foundations of health and as well go through the approaches that those ... See More
  • LIFE KEYS with Lauren Mackler
    LIFE KEYS with Lauren Mackler
    Category: Health
    32 Episodes
    LIFE KEYS with coach and bestselling author, Lauren Mackler, offers groundbreaking information and on-air coaching to help you liberate your potential and become the person you were born to be. LIFE KEYS began on Hay House Radio before moving to Contact Talk Radio in September, 2010. A life, career, relationship, and executive coach, ... See More
  • Life Mastery Radio
    Life Mastery Radio
    Category: Business
    341 Episodes
    Todd Alan and Coach Debby offer you a live show each week with thought-leaders, authors, and spiritually guided dynamo’s who set your week in the right direction!
  • "Life Unscripted" with Betsy Chasse
    Betsy Chasse, Co-Creator of the hit film "What The Bleep Do We Know?!", author and mom explores the ever expanding world of spirituality . She asks "What is spirituality?" "How does this fit into my everyday life?"

    So often we find ourselves waking up one day with no idea where we are and how we got here. ... See More
  • Live an Inspired Life with Brenda Owens
    The many interesting guests will cover topics from Arts and Music to Spirituality to the emerging change in the "Heart of the World" to perhaps that message you just needed to hear. Subjects will be explored that exemplify a life that is conscious, kind and loving, and that create an opportunity to connect with others, enjoy ... See More
  • "Live an Inspired Life" with Suzanne Hanna
    Suzanne Hanna is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, Writer, and Inspirational Speaker. She has helped hundreds of men and women move through their fear and pain as a way to live a more Inspired Life. Suzanne believes that it is up to the mid-lifers and beyond to come out from the shadows of their ... See More
  • "Living Fearlessly " with Lisa McDonald
    “Living Fearlessly” with Lisa McDonald explores the obstacles and challenges that hold people back from leading happy, successful, and abundant lives. The show seeks to inspire and empower listeners to break the cycle of negative thoughts and actions that prevent them from reaching their goals. Each week, Lisa interviews newsmakers, ... See More
  • "Living in the Quantum Field" with Asara Lovejoy
    Are you ready to leap into another dimension of who you are? The guests and topics of Living in the Quantum Field are designed to stretch your mind, your brain, the cells of your body, your DNA, and especially your identity. This groundbreaking show is an agent for change making quantum shifts possible in your thinking.  Who would you be ... See More
  • Living Life with Passion with Suzie Hollihan & Tammy Roggie
    Life is about living. And living great means doing it with passion. If you are striving to acquire that one golden nugget of information that will inspire, motivate and send their arsses into living a life full of
    meaning and joy, tune in, you might just discover it!
  • “Livin On a Prayer" with Michele Morgan
    Livin’ on a Prayer is a new kind of call-in talk show… down-to-earth advice with a decidedly cosmic twist. Michele Morgan has been a professional psychic, spiritual counselor, visionary NLP practitioner and author for nearly two decades. Endowed with psychic gifts since childhood, Michele’s ability to combine her profound knowledge of ... See More
  • Love Your Self with Danielle Lynn
    When you love your Self... Fully, unconditionally as you are right NOW Something amazing happens. You happen. The unique being that is you is finally allowed to emerge. You are a blueprint of inspiration that this world has never seen, and will never see again. And we want to see you play, to see you grow and create... in the way that ... See More
  • Magic Awakening with Jasen Pankhurst & Cathie Sherwood
    “Magic Awakening” hosted by Jasen Pankhurst and Cathie Sherwood is an international radio show dedicated to incorporating the global community who is contributing to the creation of the New Earth. Magic Awakening, an international organization headquartered in Australia, is involved in creating Eden on Earth through their work with ... See More
  • Medicine and Health with Dr Paul
    Medicine and Health with Dr Paul
    Category: Health
    181 Episodes
    Dr. Anderson is medical director of Anderson Medical Specialty Associates, a clinic focusing on the care of patients with cancer and chronic diseases. Through his clinical practice and medical research he has developed improved methods for improving quality of life for patients with cancer and other chronic illnesses. Former positions ... See More
  • Messages, Meaning and Money with Sharon Sayler
    Messages, Meaning and Money is finding the answers to What is the greatest expression of myself? Live a life less ordinary with practical skills from thought leaders of today on success strategies for great relationships both business and personal and living your life by your own design. Discover how to influence, inspire, and empower ... See More
  • Mission I AM Possible
    Mission I AM Possible
    Category: Religion
    14 Episodes
    Myths: too many to list, too many to count…so what are they, and how do they function and impact our everyday lives? Learn to ‘clear the personal myth’s that bind’ and change your way of being from ‘Mission Impossible” to Mission All IS Possible”. Join Intuitive Medium Krystyne Leon and Fire Starter Deb Moore as they take your calls ... See More
  • Moments Matter with Dave Sanderson
    Moments Matter with Dave Sanderson exposes the secrets of what it takes to move from being excellent to being outstanding, STANDNG OUT! Many people are going through their lives living someone else’s dreams, making a living instead of thriving in their own lives. The show will not only inspire you but give you actionable strategies of ... See More
  • Nancy Battye & Friends Voicing Inspiration
    Nancy Battye & Friends Voicing Inspiration is dedicated to hosting conversations of the heart intertwined with the essence of compassion and forgiveness as an essential element of happiness in life with the Masters in Thought Leadership and Spiritual awareness who are committed to being Change Agents and Messengers of Love in the ... See More
  • New Consciousness Review with Miriam Knight
    New Consciousness Review is all about the books and films behind the global shift in consciousness. On the NCR Radio show we interview some of the most passionate and exciting authors and filmmakers we can find among the dozens of spiritual and progressive titles we post and review each week on, our online showcase of ... See More
  • “OBO Radio: Heart of it All” with Erik Lawyer & Sheri Herndon
    Join Firefighter and Founder of One Becoming One, Erik Lawyer, and his co-hosts as they focus on the key players who are busy
    creating a world based in love that works for all. They will explore the science and power of love; new and sacred technologies,
    social architectures and governance systems all designed to empower you and help ... See More
  • "Onkenbaar" met Almine
    "Onkenbaar" met Almine
    Category: Religion
    180 Episodes
    Algemeen erkend als de meest diepgaande mystieke van onze tijd, Almine antwoord op de meest gestelde vragen door de luisteraars over de profetieën in de aanloop naar2012, de geheimen van de verborgen rijken, de hemelvaart van de planeet en de mens,de rol van de Godin en witte magie, en andere metafysische onderwerpen. Ze geeft uitleg ... See More
  • On the Front Porch with Ami Chen: Spiritual Dialogues for the 21st Century
    In this bi-monthly show, (2nd and 4th Fridays at 10 a.m. PST) your host Ami Chen author of The Spark Inside and the blog Mystical Mama, dialogues with listeners, callers and special guests on the true nature of reality. How do we each create
    our personal realities from the fabric of Thought? Ami Chen reminds us of the freedom and ... See More
  • Pain Free & Strong Radio Dr.Tyna Moore
    She specializes in the application of natural pain solutions and regenerative injection therapies to treat all varieties of musculoskeletal conditions. As both a board certified Naturopathic and Chiropractic physician, she brings a unique perspective and expertise to the diagnosis and treatment of pain and orthopedic conditions. Dr. ... See More
  • Phit & Phabulicious! Getting Your "Sexy" Back with Deb Rondeau
    You believe you cannot lose weight because you’re too old, too fat, not flexible enough. The reasons are endless… and wrong!
    Deb Rondeau is the extreme weight loss expert. At the age of 55 she began an eating and exercise regimen that saw her release 250 lbs. of excess weight and keep it off. Deb is passionate about ending your yo-yo ... See More
  • Pivotal Women
Lauran Star
    Pivotal Women with Lauran Star
    Category: Health
    125 Episodes
    No Topic is Taboo is Lauran Star motto as she explore the issues women want to hear about. Her goal… to Empower every Listener into Action!
    This rakish and provocative program with Lauran Star examines and explores both Leadership and home life balance to include the bedroom.
    Lauran Star’s intuitiveness and witty humor will have you ... See More
  • "Power Tools" with Jean Adrienne
    Jean Adrienne and her guests will bring forward each week tools to assist in personal growth and empowerment. Power Tools is your ultimate consciousness program and the portal into the field of pure potential.
  • Power Up with Desiree Show
    Power Up with Desiree Show
    Category: Health
    10 Episodes
    Desirée digs deep and asks the juicy questions that everyone really wants to know about. Her guests include change makers, coaches and guides on personal missions to empower women. She explores all the topics women want to learn more about- money, relationships. wellness, sex and more.
  • Prime Time: Real Estate & Mortgage Show
    Welcome to Prime Time Mortgage and Real Estate Show with your Host Alex Nefouse. Throughout the show, Alex will demystify the mortgage world to help you navigate all the possibilities real property ownership has to offer. If you’re a first time buyer, looking at the possibilities of reverse mortgages, debt consolidation or simply ... See More
  • "Provocative Enlightenment" with Eldon Taylor
    What does Enlightenment mean? Former criminalist, Eldon Taylor, believes that true enlightenment can only come when you learn to take charge of your own thoughts. Can you state that your beliefs truly are your own and not just adopted from ideas that are politically correct and mass approved? According to Eldon Taylor, free thinking is ... See More
  • “Psychic Conversations”
with Psychic Intuitives Jennifer O'Neill and Geralyn St Joseph
    Psychics Jennifer O'Neill and Geralyn St Joseph met in Kailua, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Jennifer was new to the island and looking for the metaphysical community. She found Hawaii Psychic Geralyn St Joseph online, only to discover that they were neighbors! Upon meeting, these two powerful psychics realized that they had far ... See More
  • "Psychic Say So Radio" with Ellen Mahloy
    Ellen Mahloy is a well respected metaphysical expert who transitioned from having a conventional corporate career to become a spiritual healer and angel communicator. Ellen’s passion is to expand the awareness of non-ordinary reality. Ellen is clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant and clairsentient. In other words, Ellen has ... See More
  • Psychic Therapist Show with Evie Kane
    Evie has a Master‘s Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is also a licensed ordained minister and shamanic practitioner. Evie has worked in both the public and private sectors in the field of mental health and addiction recovery. She has over 18 years experience in private practice as a ... See More
  • Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey
    Quantum Conversations is your portal to Higher Consciousness! Each show features spiritual teachers, healers and new paradigm teachers to Awaken and Empower YOU to live the life of your deepest desires and dreams, and free yourself of the of the 3D matrix of fear, sadness, worry, doubt, shame, etc and MOVE into your TRUE Essence, your ... See More
  • Raising the Consciousness with Hosts Susan Shehata and Colleen Buckman
    Raising the Consciousness is a radio show that provides simple solutions for conscious living. Our mission is to inspire Global Change through Individual Action.The show is hosted by Susan Shehata of Sacred Rearrangements and Colleen Buckman of Fair Trade Om.
  • Raving Fan Radio with Melissa Risdon
    Raving Fan Radio is a show designed to help you turn your inner critic into your raving fan so you can begin living your life on your OWN terms.

    Have you ever heard yourself say “it’s too hard”, “who am I to do that”, “I don’t know enough”? Have you ever held yourself back out of fear or guilt and then later regretted it?

    If you’ve ... See More
  • Reality Crafting with Suzanna Kennedy
    Reality Crafting with Suzanna is your #1 resource for creating your version of Paradise on Earth. This podcast explores the link between thoughts and beliefs, emotions and behaviors and the impact they have on your health, wealth, love and spiritual connection.

    Every episode is dedicated to awakening your true purpose and power of your ... See More
  • Reclaiming Your Self Women Unedited and Engaged! with Louise LeBrun
    Reclaiming Your Self: Women Unedited and Engaged! explores the things that matter most to women. Drawing on a WEL-Systems® approach to accelerated evolution, Louise and her guests pave the way to discovering and listening to that inner voice - the one that each of us has; and that can guide us through life if we just choose to listen!
  • “Revelando la verdad en salud” con Tania Jacobo
    Revelar la verdad en salud está sobre la energía en la cura de la nutrición y otros aspectos en vida. ¿Cada las personas que la vida es diferente, así que porqué no debe cada dieta ser diferente? ¡Hablo de enfermedades, de enfermedades, de cánceres, de cura, de la nutrición, y más! Estoy revelando la verdad en preguntas diarias, ... See More
  • Rx for Wealth Radio with Kathy Marks
    Do you think like an entrepreneur? Why not? Your medical practice is a business—your business. You are doing your patients a huge disservice if you can’t keep your doors open! If your medical practice is on life support, then you won’t be able to deliver any type of decent patient care. The goal of this radio show is to help doctors ... See More
  • S2S - Shortcuts to Spirituality Radio
    Are you ready to live the life that you are dreaming about?

    Would you like to be experiencing loving relationships, with your partner, family, children, friends, and co-workers?

    Do you want to feel confident in any situation?

    Would you like to look into the mirror, and love every inch of yourself?

    It is all possible!

    Are you ... See More
  • Sacred Stories with Rev. Patricia Brooks
    I believe our stories are powerful! They can expand us, or limit us, bringing infinite possibilities or the end of a road.
    Our stories, and how we perceive them, are important not only to us, but to others, because together our stories create the very fabric of our greater collective consciousness.
  • Science for Life with Doug Parks
    "Science you can use for a better life"

    For 35 years Doug has taught a course in non judgment. This foundation has brought him the opportunity to serve a long list of world changing teachers. Combining a passion for community building, enlightenment and conscious business practices, Doug shines by putting the spotlight on ... See More
  • Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes
    If you've ever wondered what reality is, what life is all about, or whether there is life after death, then tune in to Seek Reality Radio and join host Roberta Grimes for a wide variety of uplifting, facts-based discussions. Live segments are hosted on Saturdays at 1:00 PM Eastern (10:00 AM Pacific), and past segments can be played ... See More
  • Serving Consciously Elizabeth Bishop
    Are you a social worker, nurse, counselor, energy healer or coach? Maybe you work in mental health, addictions, rehabilitation or community services. In all of these diverse vocations of service, there is a common theme - human beings working with other human beings to offer service to human beings. This show challenges the old paradigm ... See More
  • Sex is Medicine with Devi Ward
    Sex is Medicine with Devi Ward
    Category: Health
    146 Episodes
    Join the sexual evolution and get ready for Sex IS Medicine!

    Sex Is Medicine is your #1 resource for Holistic Sex Education.

    Formerly known as Better Love and Sex with Devi Ward, Sex Is Medicine is a one hour radio talk show, that explores the connection between sexuality, spirituality, pleasure- and the impact that has on the health ... See More
  • Shine Beyond Cancer
    Shine Beyond Cancer
    Category: Health
    0 Episodes
    We are here to provide hope, inspiration and the tools you desire to thrive beyond cancer. We are both late-stage cancer thrivers, living our best life, without fear, pain or discomfort. We focus on every area of life; body, mindset, relationships, career, finances, spirit and contribution. Cancer gave us a second chance and we are ... See More
  • Simply Spiritual Solutions with Dr. Lisa Hurtt
    Using spiritual and holistic principles example: Turning tragedy into transformation, utilizing your intuitive abilities, finding your soulmate, tools to manifest whatever you desire. Begin living a charmed life (now), everyday miracles, stories of spiritual awakening, near death experiences, connecting with loved ones in heaven.

    Dr. ... See More
  • Smart Women Talk Radio
    Smart Women Talk Radio
    Category: Business
    402 Episodes
    Your energy, beliefs, and support systems will often affect your ability to attract vibrant wealth, health, and happiness into your life. Host, Katana Abbott, CFP®, founder of the Smart Women Companies is here to address cutting-edge topics and bring you bestselling authors and thought-leaders, so you can live with more purpose, passion, ... See More
  • Sounding Circles Radio  With Joule L'adara
    We are surrounded by sound waves at all times during our lives – but can sound be used consciously to promote healing, wellness, and to build community? What methods are there for using sound to create coherence out of chaos? Are there simple practices that one can easily apply to daily life to deepen meditation, focus prayer, or ... See More
  • Speaking of Sparkles with Tara Caffelle
    Speaking of Sparkles will feature conversations on all things relationship, intimacy and sex with interviews, book discussions, panels, opinions, and curious debate. Each week will offer delightful and light-hearted insights into the things that make for Sexy Relationship.
  • SPEED Manifesting™ with Lori
    The world has changed. Old worldviews are breaking down as beliefs about what's possible are growing. We want more. We are asking for more. Life is responding and the result is that we are living in tumultuous times. To truly understand How Life Works, you will also need to go beyond Universal Laws and learn about Beliefs and How ... See More
  • Spirit Guides Radio
    Spirit Guides Radio
    Category: Spirituality
    90 Episodes
    Spirit Guides Radio gives a fresh, modern voice to ancient wisdoms, charting new maps for old souls. Co-hosted by two emerging millennial spiritual thought leaders, Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza.

    Spirit Guides Radio delves into all facets of what it means to live a spiritual life in the 21st century, in a charming and accessible way. ... See More
  • Spiritual Energy Dynamics
    Welcome to Spiritual Energy Dynamics, a new paradigm on human consciousness!

    In this series of podcasts and live radio programs, Robert Tumm, Founder of Spiritual Energy Dynamics, will be introducing you to some new and exciting perspectives on metaphysics, the human energy field, spiritual energies, and the world of entities, ... See More
  • Spiritually Speaking, Living Outside the Box with Maryne Hachey
    What does Spirituality mean to you? Spirituality is an act of being, dropping all aspects of everything your human has have been taught, and adapting an attitude of Gentleness, Compassion, Love, Kindness and understanding for other humans, including yourself... Its dropping the Judgmental view points we so easily form, by eliminating ... See More
  • Spiritually Speaking, Living Outside the Box with Maryne Hachey
    What does Spirituality mean to you? Spirituality is an act of being, dropping all aspects of everything your human has have been taught, and adapting an attitude of Gentleness, Compassion, Love, Kindness and understanding for other humans, including yourself... Its dropping the Judgmental view points we so easily form, by eliminating ... See More
  • Spiritual Psychic with Sara Wiseman Show
    Are you ready to walk the path of the Spiritual Psychic?
    Do you long to speak the language of the Universe?
    Do you seek Divine guidance?
    Are you ready to receive messages and visions?
    Are you open to signs and synchronicities?
    Are you ready for miracles, blessings and healings?
    Join spiritual teacher and Intuition University founder ... See More
  • Spiro Chat with Angelica Perman & Cat Macary
    Spiro Chat" - The radio show that’s serving up a weekly special of spicy, spiritual talk.

    Join us, two lifelong friends Psychic Medium & Musician Angelica Perman and Blogger and Up Fashionista Cat Macary, as we chat about inspiring topics on the “Spiro Chat” radio show.

    Listen in each week Friday at noon PST, as we share the ... See More
  • Spoonfuls of Courage with Dr. Chuck Page
    In a fast pace world, it’s easy to lose sight of the important things and become discouraged in your struggles. Could your problems be a part of the answer? Join Chuck as he interviews everyday people telling their inspiring stories of courage, faith and endurance.
  • Story U Talk Radio
    Story U Talk Radio
    Category: Writing
    30 Episodes
    Story U Talk Radio with by Coach Debby, is a program dedicated to your life stories. Discover the deeper meaning of your experience, acquire an education, and enjoy the insights of professionals. Gather the skills here to genuinely express yourself personally and professionally, verbally and in writing.
  • “Streetwise Spirituality”with Carol Marleigh Kline
    She shows how listeners can identify and tame the “dragons” that lie behind frustration, irritation, stress, anxiety, and outright anger. She focuses on moments when life seems unfair, painful, or frightening—when love takes a hike, when the job loses its zing, or when dreams refuse to come true.
  • " SUPERNATURAL RADIO with Host Corrine DeWinter"
    A show focusing on paranormal, psychic, conspiracies, life after death, health scares, hauntings, Nikola Tesla, and many other odd topics.
  • Terri Britt's Leading with Love
    TERRI BRITT’S LEADING WITH LOVE: PIONEERING CHANGE FOR OUR FAMILIES AND THE WORLD is a weekly, hour-long show hosted by the former Miss USA, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Coach, Energetic Healer, Award-winning Author of The Enlightened Mom, and founder of Women Leaders of Love.
  • That Funny Gal’s Super Awesome Radio Show with Kiera Giordan
    Join me, Kiera Giordan, every week as I interview comics and other people in the business of being funny. We'll be talking about the journey of the comics. The highs and the lows. We'll get personal about what a comic's life is really like. We'll talk about what makes us laugh. The art of being funny. Tips and ... See More
  • The Alison Donaghey Show
    The Alison Donaghey Show
    Category: Culture
    109 Episodes
    If you don’t question what you believe in, then what is the point of believing in it?

    The biggest challenge in the world today is that we surround ourselves with people who think just like us and it’s dangerous because we then think we are more right than we actually are and dismiss other people and their points of view. We have ... See More
  • The Anne Marie Evers Show
    The Anne Marie Evers Show
    Category: Spirituality
    208 Episodes
    Dr. Anne Marie Evers is a Best Selling Author of many books on the power of Affirmations. She is an Ordained Minister and Doctor of Divinity. She is co-author of Wake Up and Live the Life you Love in Spirit with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer. Dr. Evers is an International Motivational Speaker and Talk Show Host. Her latest book, ... See More
  • The Awakening Educator
    The Awakening Educator
    Category: Talk
    7 Episodes
    Dive deep into topics relevant to education with your co-hosts Susan Andrien & Dr. Megan Sweet, two lifelong educators who bring their skills, curiosity and unique perspectives to the topics most relevant to educating our youth in today’s complex world.

    The Awakening Educator is a biweekly podcast on topics related to education ... See More
  • The Bad Girls Guide to Living Well
    Do you feel like everything fun is bad for you? In this show, Dr. Heather Wdowin will help you understand how stress, inflammation, and toxicity add to health problems, and how to avoid those problems while not having to live in a bubble. Dr. Wdowin graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Neurobiology from Cornell University and received ... See More
  • The Beauty Of You with Laura JW
    Are you asking for something to change in your life? Are you wanting more of what you truly deserve and desire? Would you like to know how to be more consciously aware of the possibilities and the choices that are there for you to choose if you knew how? Do you know that it is possible to generate, create and institute a reality that is ... See More
  • The Beauty Of You with Laura JW
    Are you asking for something to change in your life? Are you wanting more of what you truly deserve and desire? Would you like to know how to be more consciously aware of the possibilities and the choices that are there for you to choose if you knew how? Do you know that it is possible to generate, create and institute a reality that is ... See More
  • The Cari Murphy Show
    The Cari Murphy Show
    Category: Spirituality
    375 Episodes
    "The Cari Murphy Show Straight Talk For The Soul"is an internationally syndicated weekly hour long program hosted by Best Selling Author, Soul Success Coach, Celebrated Media Personality and Founder and CEO of Empowerment Coaching Solutions, Cari Murphy. This is your personal invitation to an abundant, prosperous and joyful ... See More
  • The Carol Ritberger Show
    The Carol Ritberger Show
    Category: Health
    221 Episodes
    Spend an hour with author and medical intuitive Carol Ritberger, Ph.D., and learn how illness is more than just what happens to the body. Discover how illness is the result of a myriad of contributors such as thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs. Learn why when any of these are unhealthy the body becomes unhealthy, and how that ... See More
  • The Cocktail Party Effect with Leslie Irish Evans
    The Cocktail Party Effect with Leslie Irish Evans is a lifestyle podcast for intellectual seekers who like new ideas, clever tips, and good stories. Each program features an interview with a guest (authors, coaches, chefs & more) and includes a recipe for a well-crafted cocktail.
    As for the show’s name; it’s a real thing. Here’s the ... See More
  • “The Dear Venus Show” with Venus Andrecht
    If you’ve ever wanted to know what your boyfriend was really thinking, or your husband, daughter, boss or anyone else . . . tune in to hear “Dear Venus” with host Venus Andrecht. She’s smart, warm, funny, and totally authentic. Venus’s unique psychic ability lets her “look” into people’s minds, ask questions . . . and obtain true, and ... See More
  • The Doc and Donna Show
    The Doc and Donna Show
    Category: Health
    9 Episodes
    The Doc and Donna Hour is a talk show that educates the masses exposing the truth about weight loss, hormone balancing, chronic illness, and most any health related issue pertaining to men, women and children. If you want to turn over a new leaf and transform a new life for yourself and those you love,, this is the show for you. Host ... See More
  • The Dr.Catherine Perry Miracle Woman  Show
    The one secret to living a happy , empowered and freedom-based life is your connection to your authentic power and divine source, and using your natural spiritual gifts with confidence and gusto.
    Join me as I delve into the higher dimensions of human experience. Authentic, life-provoking and thought enriching...this show will inspire, inform and empower you to bring Spirit into your life through great interviews with top experts and some over the phone coaching when you call in.
  • The Dr. Madeira Show
    The Dr. Madeira Show
    Category: Health
    23 Episodes
    Dr. Sam Madeira explores the medical myths, facts, and research of male hormone health, full body optimization, and topics around men’s health from medical nutrition, cardiometabolic health, brain health, gut microbiome, and complete hormone health. Special guests will be on the show to explore these topics in detail.


    The mission of ... See More
  • "The Ed Torres & Lyn Shepherd Show"
    Ed Torres is an experienced Medium, working to connect with and bring through messages from those in spirit. Lyn Shepherd is an experienced Psychic with the unique ability of seeing and offering insights for those she connects with.
    Ed and Lyn hope will work hard to bring through messages from those in spirit and insight into your ... See More
  • The Family Balancing Act with Maureen Huntley and Cynthia Henrich
    Get some mom-ZEN-se with Maureen and Cynthia here on The Family Balancing Act. Pull up a chair to our kitchen table, become empowered with cutting edge holistic solutions for YOUR Family Balancing Act. Pick up a Tipping the Balance Tip, take a deep breath with a Meditating Moment for Moms on the Edge and know that you are not alone. ... See More
    Come and join the Mavens in the morning Peggy DiSalle and Phyllis Goodrich as they discuss current topics of daily life in a light-hearted humorous manner, never letting anything get in their way of solving the world’s issues with deep insight and a little laughter.
  • The Full Monty leadership show... with Dõv Baron
    The only show where leaders strip down, and let it all hang out, about what it takes to be a true leader... an authentic leader!
    You Want To Listen To This Show, if you manage, organize, or co-ordinate people for culture, loyalty or growth.
    Whether you're a CEO of 10 or ten thousand. A leader in your own community, or if you are ... See More
  • The Gabrielle Spencer Show
    The ascension energy pouring into our planet hasn't been available for more than 25,000+ years! This high-vibe energy is igniting our soul's mission driven purpose and empowering us to step into our highest potential! This show is dedicated to providing the latest in transformational energy and activations along with practical ... See More
  • The Higher Self Voice with Janet Richmond
    The Higher Self Voice is information that is so powerful and so expansive that it answers the timeless questions of why we are here, what the meaning of life is, where we fit in the Universal Design, what happens when we die and how we can improve our lives. The true, permanent and miraculous way to recreate our lives is so simple but no ... See More
  • The Integrative Medicine Hour with Dr. Ross & Dr. Padilla
    The Integrative Medicine Hour" with Dr. Steven Ross and Dr. James Padilla beginning February 5th at 11 am, PST. Interviewing experts in the field of integrative and functional medicine on the very latest in science based integrative and functional medicine as well as ethical practice management and marketing for the practitioner.
  • The Kelly Falardeau Show
    The Kelly Falardeau Show
    Category: Religion
    8 Episodes
    Are you looking for someone to inspire you to greatness? Kelly Falardeau is just the person to do that. She suffered a tragic accident when she was only 2 years old and ended up with third degree burns to 75% of her body. Listen to Kelly, a speaker and bestselling author and her special guests chat about why quitting isn't an ... See More
  • The Louise H Reid Show
    The Louise H Reid Show
    Category: Business
    71 Episodes
    Inspiration, brave action and heart warming journeys. This is what The Louise H Reid show brings you. My guests and I take you through the insights of some of the most remarkable people. These people are examples of taking brave, bold action that leaves you – the listener - happy and enlightened. Let’s breathe in that excitement and ... See More
  • The Maria Bailey Show
    The Maria Bailey Show
    Category: Talk
    0 Episodes
    Ordinary Habits, Extraordinary Life. with Maria Bailey is about making ordinary life extraordinary, exploring the challenges of the daily grind and other life mysteries and ultimately offers inspiring and creative tools and techniques for building an abundant life.

    Through reflections from maria and lively conversations with masters in ... See More
  • The Possibilities Show with Debbie Seid
    One of the biggest mistakes women entrepreneurs make is trying to do it all alone. Often they will join expensive group coaching programs hoping to get all the answers, only to find themselves at the end, more confused and without the financial resource necessary to build their businesses.

    This show is aimed at helping women ... See More
  • The Psychic Healing Power Hour with Tiffany Powers
    Do you have a psychic or healing question about your life? Do you need advice and you are looking for an answer from a professional psychic? Tiffany Powers will answer your questions live on the air! Her specialties are medical intuitive, health, relationship, life purpose, business, and animal communication, and remote viewing body ... See More
  • "The Ron Amitron Healing Show" with Ron Amitron
    Ron Amitron is a true Master Teacher Healer who brings forth vitally important information, sound solutions and healing to the public via his radio broadcasts, and his interactive website at:

    Ron Amitron is a Light Being who incarnated on Earth to assist with the Universal Shift known as the Ascension ... See More
  • The Ronnie McMullen show
    The Ronnie McMullen show
    Category: Religion
    31 Episodes
    The Ronnie McMullen show entertains, intertwines, and unlocks the human possibilities of who we can be. He will coach you to be the best you can be. Step up. Step out. Just step.
    Get ready to stretch your mind, change your focus, and enrich your life.
  • The Sentelligent Solution for Your Spiritual Evolution
    Sentelligent™ is a word coined by Stacey Mayo that represents our highly sensitive and intelligent sensory system which includes our 5 senses plus our intuition and our feelings. Acting Sentelligently is not only about listening to this intelligent system, it is also about learning how to interpret and act on that information.
  • The Sentelligent Solution for Your Spiritual Evolution
    Sentelligent™ is a word coined by Stacey Mayo that represents our highly sensitive and intelligent sensory system which includes our 5 senses plus our intuition and our feelings. Acting Sentelligently is not only about listening to this intelligent system, it is also about learning how to interpret and act on that information.
  • The Shamanic Path with Marilyn Schwader
    Marilyn and her guests share what’s in the news and what’s in our lives, and how shamanism can help us during this time of spiritual awakening. Marilyn combines a unique blend of experience in business, technology, creativity, communication, and spirituality, along with a life-time of study in human potential and consciousness to inspire ... See More
  • The Sheila and Hans show with Sheila Gale & Hans King
    The Sheila and Hans show focuses on giving guidance you can use in everyday life. Whether discussing a Spiritual topic that everyone can benefit from or answering the emotional concerns of a caller, we reach out to you each and every show with 75 years of combined experience.

    This is your opportunity to join a spiritual community of ... See More
    Category: Religion
    21 Episodes
    Have you ever wondered what your soul knows about you?  Have you ever wanted more insight, healing and clarity that enabled you to live the life you dream about?  Then THE SOUL KNOWS, is just for you.  A show devoted to you, right now, right here where you are.  Every Thursday at 7:00PM/Central Standard Time Rhonda will be engaging and ... See More
  • The Taboo Corner with Ms.Elle
    The Taboo Corner with Ms.Elle
    Category: Health
    17 Episodes
    Join Ms. Elle in the “The Taboo Corner” where Ms Elle is uncensored and raw, providing you with direct and real coaching solutions surrounding YOUR needs and desires. From sex and money to relationships and communication - the ball gag comes off.
    Call in during the show with your questions 877-230-3062 and you will have MS.Elle's ... See More
  • The Thrive Doctors with Dr. Kim D'Eramo & Dr. Mario Torres-Leon
    Join this husband and wife physician team, who teach the science behind what makes us well. While the current medical model focuses on what makes you sick, the Thrive Doctors focus on what makes you well. This will be a life-enhancing hour guaranteed to enlighten and inspire you. You’ll learn the latest breakthroughs in science and ... See More
  • Transformations with Tara
    Transformations with Tara
    Category: Spirituality
    369 Episodes
    Welcome to Transformations with Tara Sutphen. In these shows, we will explore what I like to call “sorcing” or ways that I can help you to transform your viewpoints and mental attitude. I will take you on a journey with me as I show you very practically how you can recognize the obstacles in your path, and what steps you can take to ... See More
  • Turning of the Wheel with Chris Flisher
    Welcome and thank you for discovering "TURNING OF THE WHEEL" radio show. The goal of your host, Chris Flisher, is to provide an insightful, educational program about astrology, art, and spiritual adventure. Combining astrology, spirituality, with self-expression, "TURNING OF THE WHEEL" will serve to enlighten and ... See More
  • Urban Mystic Hour with Marlene Chapman
    It speaks to you through such things as a chipped windshield, misplaced keys, the dead rabbit you saw a month ago, the toe you stubbed and even through the loose change you found in the washing machine. Encoded into these everyday events is a direct message from Spirit, and the timing is impeccable.
  • Welcome to Scalar Energy Healing and Research with Tom Paladino & Co-host Sheila Gale
    Tom's goal is to introduce to the world the antidote for pathogenic disease such as Herpes I & II, Hepatitis viruses, Ebola virus, HIV virus, Lyme disease, Candida and over 45,000 species of pathogens.
    The world we live in is a pathogen soup. Our homes are full of pathogens no matter how fastidious we are. We travel to the ... See More
  • What Are You Waiting For? with Kristen Moeller
    Welcome to What Are YOU Waiting For? The show that has you jump!
    Through insightful interviews with luminaries and leaders in the field of leaping, host Kristen Moeller explores the fascinating world of those who “wait” and those who “jump” – that rocky but rich precipice of personal and spiritual development.
  • What the Health?! with Dr. Greg Eckel
    An independent approach to your health span. Join Dr. Eckel in this fun and sometimes disturbing exploration of the state of healthcare and what it means for you.

    ​Dr. Eckel, a licensed Naturopathic Physician, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and avid biohacker is on a mission to change healthcare in America. He invites you along for the ... See More
  • What We Need to Know with Andrea Isaacs
    Andrea and her guests will offer tools for finding wholeness and balance -- in the kitchen, the bedroom, the board room, or on the golf course. A trustworthy guide in the emotional and spiritual realms for thirty years, her students have called her “a spiritual teacher extraordinaire.” She understands transformation and skillfully brings ... See More
  • What We Need to Know with Michael Gaeta
    Dr Michael Gaeta is a visionary educator, clinician and writer in the field of natural healthcare. He has distinguished himself in the areas of wholistic health, teaching, writing and music. Michael holds licenses in acupuncture, clinical nutrition and massage therapy, and is a doctor of acupuncture in Rhode Island.
    Michael earned his ... See More
  • Women Awakening with Cynthia James
    I am committed to creating a community where women can grow and expand into joyous and abundant living. I believe we are all here to thrive and this is an extraordinary time on the planet for women to emerge.

    The audio recordings are designed to support women to step into their full power through awareness and self-acceptance. The ... See More
  • You Are What You Love® with Vaishali
    Who do you know who can talk about the spirituality of Homer Simpson, Jimi Hendrix, James Dean, or Cheech and Chong with as much aplomb as she can talk about the world’s great mystical traditions or major religions?

    Join Vaishali, the author of You Are What You Love®, as she provides her uniquely Vaishali perspective to the big ... See More
  • Your 3 Eyes with Megan Sweet
    Your 3 Eyes with Megan Sweet
    Category: Talk
    4 Episodes
    Megan Sweet. I am a lifelong educator, mother, and spiritual seeker. I’m on a mission to bring more love and compassion into the world and into our education settings in particular. 


    On this podcast, we talk about ways that we can learn to see with our three eyes: Intellect, Insight, and Intuition, and how to integrate the insights ... See More
  • Your Beautiful Child Radio, with Shane B. Kulman MS SpEd
    Your Beautiful Child Radio is a forum for parents, caregivers and anyone who understands that we are ALL children at heart, and we all have needs that are special. Being conscious and aware of the children in our lives and that they learn from watching us is key in having them grow up to be successful thriving, independent adults. ... See More
  • Your Life After Trauma with Michele Rosenthal
    Your Life After Trauma is a weekly radio program designed to bring support and information to trauma survivors, plus their caregivers and professionals. Hosted by Michele Rosenthal (a trauma survivor herself and certified professional coach), Your Life After Trauma provides resources, inspiration, hope
    and specific actions to help ... See More
  • "Your Powerful Spirit" with Katrina Cavanough
    Are you the person you truly want to be? Do You feel your life has a sense of purpose? Join Katrina Cavanough™ Australian Clairvoyant & Divine Intuitive™, Writer and Therapist for her show Your Powerful Spirit™ where she will teach you easy and practical ways to connect with your most powerful resource – your own Spirit.
  • Радио Мудрость Альмин
    Признанная наиболее выдающимся мистиком нашего времени, Альмин отвечает на вопросы, задаваемые слушателями, относительно пророчеств о 2012 годе, тайн скрытых сфер, восхождения планеты и человека, роли Богини и белой магии и других метафизических тем. Она рассказывает о скрытых царствах, таких как царства ангелов, драконов и фей, а также ... See More
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